About Us

We are an educational group, Kamla Nagar Shikshan Sanstha, Bhopal, registered with the Government of Madhya Pradesh since 1987. Kamla Nehru Public School was founded in the same year. In due course of time, our dedicated efforts saw the school evolve into full-fledged higher secondary school with state-of-the-art facilities. And now Kamla Nehru Higher Secondary School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation Number: 1030254) since 2006 and has obtained NOC from State Govt. In 2005. Our objective is to nurture humanity through academic excellence and value-based personality development.

Children, modern research has shown, learn best through an activity based approach. Accordingly, we have adopted the play-way method of instruction, with child-oriented system. Our effective teaching staff, chosen for their strong character besides academic excellence inspires confidence, perfection, and honesty in the students by personal example.

We thus strive to maintain a high educational standard with traditional values

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